District 4: Manhattan

Upcoming Events:

District 4: Manhattan/Staten Island

Dr. Ali D. Morse: President

Dr. Gregg Rubinstein: Executive Officer


February 1st @ 8:00 PM

Meeting Cost: Council, NYSCA Members, CA’s and first time guests - $40.00 
Non-Members $65.00 (Includes meal)


The Playwright Tavern (3rd Floor) 
202 W. 49th St.  
(between 7th & Broadway)  
New York, NY 10019


Dr. Anthony Carrino

 Bringing us important information on strokes, history and prevention of.
Important facts, knowledge and links to be supplied.

Dr. Carrino currently  practices in West Islip and has worn and wears many a hat.
A few of those include:
Founder/President Long Island Thermography
Co-Founder/President, ChiroFutures
National/International lecturer ICPA
Independent Chiropractic Malpractice/Risk Management Reviewer
Founder/Clinic Director of the Chiropractic Family Wellness & Nutrition Centre



Impact Cryotherapy manufactures a best-in-class, American made, whole body cryosauna. With a small
footprint, quick 3 min session time and low cost per session, Cryotherapy is proving to be a very
attractive high tech add-on for the world’s finest fitness facilities and chiropractic centers.


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The statements, information, opinions, and views disseminated by speakers and sponsors at district meetings do not necessarily reflect those of the New York Chiropractic Council.


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