Independent Medical Examiner (IME) Reform Included in 2018 State Budget

We are pleased to report that the final 2018 New York State budget deal calls for the creation of an IME Advisory Committee, tasked to "conduct a thorough study of the utilization of independent medical examinations" with an eye towards "regulatory and statutory proposals" that will consider "new methods of assigning independent medical examinations, such as through rotating providers or panels"- exactly what the Council first proposed in legislation we researched, drafted and introduced in 2014 .        

Several years ago, Council leadership identified a continuing problem of which many of you are all too familiar: Independent Medical Examiners, working within either the state Workers' Compensation or No-Fault systems, who were in no way "independent." In fact, many of these IME's were working against patient and DC interests, acting as an arbitrary "rubber stamp" for the carrier by routinely denying chiropractic care. Something had to be done about this outrageous problem. And that's when the Council stepped in and took action.

This year the Council, working with NYSCA, lobbied for inclusion of IME reform language in the state budget. And while the creation of an IME Advisory Committee does not immediately solve the problem, it's a positive first step.  As we all know, change in Albany comes slowly. But it first begins with an idea. This first accomplishment on IME reform is yet another example of the Council taking the lead for the profession on an important matter of public policy. 


The New York Chiropractic Council in action - for you.